Chris' Testimony

To view Chris' Testimony click on the image I didn’t have a religious upbringing, although I believed in a God, I just didn’t know who He was. My childhood focused around golf and my ambition when I left school was to be a PGA professional golfer. Whilst working at my local club I achieved this and after being there for four years, I left and worked for a golf company.

The older I got, the more unfulfilled my life became. On paper I had a good life. I had my health, a good job, good friends, I had money, a good upbringing and so on, but it wasn’t enough. One day (I was 28 at the time) I was speaking with Rez and he was speaking to me about Jesus (he was already a believer). We had spoken about Jesus before, but this time it was different; Rez said to me “God loves you” and I believed him. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and at that point the Lord Jesus came into my heart and I was saved. This was October 2005 and since then my life has changed dramatically.

Six months after being saved I started attending meetings with Rez and his aunt Jill and at that point, Wake-Up was fully formed. The Holy Spirit was guiding us specifically and to my surprise the Holy Spirit revealed to me, that my calling was that of a teacher/preacher.

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