The Green Bible




The Holy Bible

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Published by Wake-Up organisation

Printed in Jerusalem in 2009

Foreword to the Green Bible

When the Holy Scriptures were written, the Holy Spirit inspired those who wrote God's Word. In these last days, the Holy Spirit is again inspiring men and women to serve His people.

2005 was a momentous year in many ways. The Wake-Up organisation was formed in that year as the Holy Spirit began to reveal some of the work that He had for us as a team. He had visited one member of this team in such a powerful way, that we began to understand more clearly what He was asking of us. The autumn of that year, was when the Holy Spirit began to give scriptures, which were faithfully written down and checked and double checked and checked a couple of times more. Once all the scriptures had been given and put into the order prescribed by the Holy Spirit, we began to understand a little of the purpose behind this work.

The Green Bible, is made-up of extracts from 36 books of the Bible.  It was as we read these chapters and verses, that we realised that we had been given a book.  The Holy Spirit had given us a book which was primarily for the Jews and then for everyone; just as the first messages of Jesus had been.  The scriptures together, created a pathway, which none of us had foreseen or even considered.  This pathway; the Green Bible, leads to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is, who The LORD God Almighty is, and His dealings with the Jews; How the Jews became God’s chosen people and some of their history.  We are shown the life and ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.  From a Jewish point of view, we are shown exactly what Jesus did when He gave up His life; the sacrifice, the redemption and the payment once for all time.  We see a view of some of the prophets from the Old Testament and are led to the Apostles in the New Testament.

The theme throughout the book, is how God loves the Jews and how, from the beginning, God put into place a plan to redeem the Jews and through them, the rest of the world.  These chapters from The Holy Bible, are intended to open up a pathway for all people to approach the LORD God Almighty through Jesus, acknowledging Jesus Christ as their Saviour and King, before His return.

It is not intended that this book should replace the Holy Bible.

Once some knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and the history of the Jewish Nation has been reached, then the reader will find delving into the treasures of the Bible a coveted and ongoing experience. 

The Holy Spirit has given us a message for the Jews and for everyone just as the first messages of the risen Christ were given in Jerusalem.

Green Bible audio sample (34 seconds)

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Granny Green’s Bible 18th June 1880The actual Bible from which we worked, is a family bible which was given by a mother to her son, for his wedding day in 1880.  We have slowly and carefully modernised some of the language in order to assist understanding for the reader.



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