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Foreword to the Green Gospel

Granny Green’s Bible 18th June 1880During the autumn of 2010, the Holy Spirit gave us some scriptures from the Holy Bible; these have been taken from the book of Matthew and a little from the book of Mark.  They have formed a small book of scripture, which relates the life, work, death, resurrection and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  This little book gives us the simple yet vital truths taught by the Lord Jesus and that He wants us to love the Lord our God and do His will; if we do this Jesus says that we are His brothers, sisters and mother.  Such promises!

The book takes around an hour and a half to read and we hope that you will find it enjoyable, enlightening and enriching. 

Reza, Chris and Jill

The actual Bible from which we worked, is a family bible which was given by a mother to her son, for his wedding day in 1880.  We have slowly and carefully modernised some of the language in order to assist understanding for the reader.

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