Jill's Testimony

Jill todayOften as Christians we are asked to share our testimonies and if we have a particularly exciting one, this story becomes the one that everyone wants to hear.  It dawned on me recently that our whole lives are testimonies to the things that we consider important and that the testimony we normally share is in truth a miniscule amount of the whole.

With our amazing God my life has become so full of His presence that I hardly know where to begin a testimony to Him.

Jill in the early 80sWhen I was into my early teens in the 1960’s, I made a commitment to the Lord Jesus and lurched my way to 1987 with many falls and misunderstandings.  At this time I gave up and walked away from God, church and Christianity. Thankfully and miraculously our God does not behave in this way and began to draw me back to Himself in the early 2000’s.

As I recommitted to the Lord Jesus with a very contrite heart, I began to change and grow. The Holy Spirit was close and began to work with me in studying the scriptures and writing sacred music.  Slowly He took me through the wounds and fears that had accumulated in my life and helped me to face the traumas and shames and taught me His way of dealing with things rather than my own.  It was fantastic to be living without fear! 

When Wake-Up was formed, we worked so hard, meeting four nights a week for a couple of years.  It was a strange combination of people but with the Holy Spirit teaching us we experienced growth together and found ourselves being put through a huge learning curve with firmness, gentleness, and a fair bit of teasing.  It was great!!!!

Jill's Videos 

Jill was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2012. In July of 2013 she made two videos that speak about her battle with cancer, her faith and her walk with the Lord Jesus.

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Jill's journal; Your Will - Not Mine Jill's Interview - Just as I am

Unfortunately in August of 2013 Jill lost her battle with cancer. Although we miss her deeply, we know that she is with the Lord Jesus Christ and we shall she her again soon. That being the case, Wake-Up is no longer active, but we have started a new YouTube channel called "The Two Preachers". Please click Here to visit our new website.

Jill’s Music

JillThe music is taken from the Holy Scriptures and offers praise and honour to our God. Although some of it is arranged for orchestra; it has all been written at the piano under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

“Wake-Up” (written in 2005) is a set of 13 pieces; mostly vocal but some instrumental, which moves from the Garden of Gethsemane to the return of the Lord Jesus.  Samples of some of the songs are listed below.

Since 2007 a series of songs have been written which have a different flavour to them again derived from the scriptures and also honouring and praising God.  Samples of some of these are also listed below. 

All recordings are sung and played by Jill.

Full songs and samples from Jill's Music

The Piano




Full Songs:

Wake Up - Click here to download

Light of the World - Click here to download

Jesus - Click here to download

Sing To Him - Click here to download

Google Chrome users: To download music - Click on desired link. New page will open. Right click anywhere on new page and then click "save as" to download music.

Samples of Songs: