Wake-Up is formed          

In the summer of 2005 the music, "Wake-Up", which was in the form of an Oratorio, was completed.  By the time it was finished and ready for its first performance, Reza, Chris and Jill had started to meet more regularly and work on the “Green Bible” began.  So the organisation was formed and took its name from the music. Soon Reza and Chris started their studies and once they had a good understanding of the scriptures, the Holy Spirit began to instruct them and gave them essays, sermons, and Bible studies to write from many different subjects in the Bible.  They had to write one a week and then speak it to the group, in Jill's kitchen!  By now it was June 2007.

Working on the Green BibleAfter some months gaining experience, the Holy Spirit guided Chris and Reza to speak in their local church on Sunday nights, it was empty (this was because it was closed in the evenings – honest!). The Holy Spirit was taking them forward step by step in their learning.  They wrote around 29 sermons each and then went back over them again as their knowledge and understanding changed; this was a lot of hard work! Then in January 2009 the Holy Spirit gave Reza and Chris a further 10 new sermons each. These sermons focused on the fundamentals of God's two greatest commandments; loving God and loving one another.

Discussing our sermons on a Sunday night at our home churchAll of this looks like a lot of hard work, which of course it was, but we had such a lovely time too, often lots of humour, laughing and teasing to lighten the load.  You may think that Jill was sitting around whilst the poor chaps worked but alongside the writing of the essays and sermons, Jill wrote some new songs which you can sample on 'Jill's' page.

Today, Wake-Up testifies to the Truth that God Lives, that God Loves you and that through belief in His Son Jesus Christ - you can have eternal life.  The Sermons give sound Bible teaching together with simple practical applications for everyday life.  Everything that we preach and teach is how we try to live our lives on a daily basis.  The music is scripture based and speaks to our spirits allowing us to sit in His wonderful presence.

Jill was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2012. Unfortunately, Jill lost her battle with cancer and passed away in August of 2013. Although we miss her deeply, we are continuing the work that the Lord has given us to do. That being the case, Wake-Up is no longer active, but we have started a new YouTube channel called "The Two Preachers". Please click Here to visit our new website.