Reza's Testimony

To view Reza’s Testimony click on the imageI didn't get brought up with Church, neither did I go to church. I was like any other child. I failed school and college nicely. In my late teens I started to think of what I wanted and didn't want from life.

I decided I wanted freedom, this 'freedom' was money. I started my own business and it didn’t take long before the company started to take off. I did however make some big mistakes, ridiculous overheads, brand new sports car and not credit checking companies.

After a few years, things went seriously wrong in the business. Soon we were heading for bankruptcy, as the overheads were eating into our cash. My Company went bust and I lost everything, including my identity.

As things were getting very bad, I remember crying out to God with every ounce of my strength and a few weeks later God answered that call (2002). The Lord spoke to me in my bedroom and made it clear to me that I was to see a preacher from New Zealand who was speaking in Hastings.

After meeting with the preacher I accepted Jesus and Jesus changed my life.

I always knew after meeting the Lord, there was a calling on my life, but I was uncertain of exactly what it was. The Lord then brought me and Jill together and then Chris joined us a few years later and then Wake-Up was born.

My calling was now becoming clearer; a preacher.

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