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The Sinful Nature

This sermon looks at our personal battle between Flesh vs Spirit and what actually happens to our own sinful desires when the Lord Jesus Christ comes into our lives.

Who is Jesus?

This Sermon looks at who Jesus was before He was born as Man and answers the 2000 year old question. Who is Jesus?

Love your enemies

This sermon focuses on the teaching from Matthew Chapter 5 verse 44, Love your enemies. Loving those who don't love us can be very difficult, but with the help, guidance and love of Jesus Christ we can accomplish this.

Love thy neighbour

A practical sermon that teaches us how to Love and what Love really is.

Weakness, sin and the Love of God

This sermon explores why we do and say the things that we shouldn't. More importantly, it tells us that if we confess our sins to the Lord Jesus and ask for His forgiveness, then we will be forgiven.

The Grace of the Lord God Almighty

I hope that by sharing an account of the apostle Paul, this sermon will help us all to realise how much God loves us and that: anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus will be forgiven of their sins and receive eternal life.

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